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Lets make a list of known issues with SW 2020

Question asked by Mark Bradford on Dec 12, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2020 by Ian McLean

I thinking we should have an ongoing list of known issue for Solidworks 2020, so that user don't have to look all over to see if they are experiencing a new issue, or a known issue, that may or may not have a solution.

I'm happy to keep this list updated when I am informed of any.


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  1. notes is highliting everything 
  2. Solidworks 2020 destroying 2019 user library components  
             resolved with SP 0.1
  3.  The newly created External References to Envelope Only Parts is great, but it's also very broken.  Here's the a         link:   SWECmd=GotoView&SWEView=SW      +OUI+All+Defects+List+customerportal+-   +Search&SWERF=1&


             It's SPR Number 1157540, if the link doesn't work  And here's where I show a video of the problem in action:

          Envelopes to Drive In-Context Relations in SW2020.  Game Changer for SSP?

  4. SPR 1156523 - Insert part with sketch.

          Sketch icon don't show sketch is hidden.

          All the sketches are hidden.

  5. I have several large projects in the works, stupidly updated to 2020 SP0.1 hoping a couple bugs with cut-list would have been fixed.  Unfortunately there are many bugs between weldments and cut-lists.  Mainly body descriptions in cut list get jumbled up.  Balloons don't match cut list.  I'ts been incredibly frustrating with many days lost. 
  6. I'm having a lot of problems with cut lists as well. When I create a configuration of a weldment and change the part numbers of all of the configurations' cut list items they will randomly revert back to a part number that was initially assigned to a body but is no longer assigned to ANY of the bodies. It's as if its storing that part number in hiding someone and pulling it back out whenever it feels like it. If you copy a drawing and update the references to a different part or configuration you have to delete the weldment cut list and re insert it, however. Until then the balloons will be wrong.






  1. Because of this Forum: SW2020 - Drawings open fast for detailing!!! (The headline is a little off there, Alin Vargatu, doesn't give himself as much credit as he deserves.  I don't think it would have happened without him...Thanks Alin!)
  2. Envelopes to Drive In-Context Relations in SW2020.  Game Changer for SSP? 
  3. New Animated Tooltips in SW2020 (I know some people may think this just looks like eye candy, but the real power of this will be when you hire someone who has never used SW.  These animated tooltips can really help bring someone up to speed quick.)
  4. Alternate Position View in Parts SW 2020