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McMaster-Carr toolbox

Question asked by Samuel Leith on Apr 14, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by Russell Saari

Hi everyone,

I'm a recent mechanical engineering graduate and I've just obtained my first mechanical design job position.

Although I had used Solidworks during by university years, I've learned quite a lot in my 4 weeks working with solidworks in a business setting.


I work in a rather small (very) company, and the consensus is to not used the Solidworks toolbox for our design.

The person in the position before me was building his own toolbox over time, as fasteners were needed.


I'd like to do the same, and by reading other posts, I see this approach being recommended a lot.

I would like to use the McMaster-Carrr models and build my own toolbox over time.


Is there a guide available anywhere on how to do this?

I see everyone saying to "use the McMaster files, suppress unneeded features and use design tables and configurations".

That's sounds good, but how do I set this up in reality ( the design tables and configs)?


I'd probably just need one example to get me started the right way, and since I'm starting from scratch, I'd like to do it the right way.


I see Rusell (link below) seemed to have posted a McMaster toolbox but was then forced to remove it.


Thanks for your help,