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Referencing Part Design Tables to Assembly Design Tables

Question asked by Dustin Gagner on Dec 22, 2011

I'm having some trouble referencing dimensions controlled by a design table within a part from the assembly design table.  I've read through the following threads and several others, but haven't been able to find an answer:


I get the feeling that through some use of equations, global variables, custom properties, and maybe some lesser known syntax in the design table I should be able to accomplish my goal.  Basically I'm trying to relate a value in my part level design table to a value in my assembly level design table.  It's not as simple as using skeleton geometry to drive the part size because I need to use the size to drive other features within my part design table.



I hope I'm explaining myself well enough, but here is a more detailed description of my problem.  I’m currently working with SolidWorks to help us produce shop drawings, cutting orders, and bill of materials for our louvers.  Every order we receive is custom fabricated so we don’t have standard sizes.  My main struggle is getting the parts, assemblies, and drawings to talk with each other.


At the part level I have a weldment which will generate our cutting orders.  The size, number of blades, and blade location will all be configured based on 2 inputs; width and height.  This is simple enough and I have it working well.


At the assembly level I have components such as screws and clip angles added to the louver part.  The number of screws and clip angles is directly related to the size of the louver, I’ve been able to control this easily enough and have this working well also.  The bill of materials is then pulled from the assembly.  Each configuration of the assembly will need to use the corresponding part configuration.


I’m less concerned about the drawings at this point, I want to get the assembly working properly first.


I need help pulling different part configuration into the assembly.  I also would like to relate the size of the assembly configurations to the corresponding part configurations to avoid entering data twice.  I’ve been trying to accomplish this through design tables and global variables, but I don’t have a great understanding of these features.  Please let me know your suggestions, simplicity is key.