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Equations + Design Table in assembly

Question asked by Richard Clegg on Jul 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by Rajat Jain

My whole standard assembly is driven by equations, to make it quicker for amendments when customer require special order. I can change entire shape using just 3 main dimensions (height - somewhere on side, length & width on top panel). However size of the drawer box can be only from a range (e.g. 239, 339, 439, 539mm width and also the height is changing: 90mm for first two, 140mm for bigger). I know how to create a Design Table in a SW part and how to use a table (in Excel) for ranges). The thing I don't know is how to (is it possible) drive DT by equations in assembly. If my drawer front width is for example between 261mm-360mm I want the width of my drawer box to be 239mm. In the range of 361-460: 339mm and so on...


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Before posting I've done some research on the forum. This thread [] is really good, but not exactly what I'm trying to achieve.