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How to do a FEA for a structure with bolt stud by SolidWorks Simulation?

Discussion created by S. Y. on Sep 10, 2020
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Bolt stud is not a popular fasteners such as bolt used in everywhere, etc. but it is popular in engine industry.

In some space tight structure and some particular area, bolt stud also is a very important fastener.

But no any clue in SolidWorks Simulation, I tried to use the bolt connection - counter-bore screw in SolidWorks Simulation, however...... see https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/242966

I was wondering whether there is a way to help engineering guy to do a FEA for a structure (/assembly) with bolt stud(s) by SolidWorks Simulation?

Please post your finished FEA screen shots here or some any idea here, and please advise.

Thank you very much for your help and time in advance!