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conflict between RMD radon wx 2100 and dell precision 3540 computer and solid works

Question asked by Jack Kloepfer on Apr 16, 2020

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This is a problem I am having where there is a conflict between my Dell precision 3540, and a RMD radon pro WX 2100 graphics card.  I am having the same problem as these people.  Can I join the forum so I will be able to see the solution? 

I have a document that describes this too, but this forum thread is very close to the same problem with one exception.  The driver that I downloaded one time for the RMD WX 2100 that RMD suggested on their web site caused my computer to reboot after some actions had taken place.  After reading the thread, it seems that Dell and RMD need to get their Driver figured out.  A little nudge from Solid Works would help.  Also, in the RX program there is an issue with the way that this graphics card threads information through the intel graphic card, and causes us to all think that it is the wrong graphic card.  so, if you download the one that they recommend and use it, that is when the trouble starts even worse than before.  right now, I have my RMD graphics card disabled.  That is not good for productivity on my brand-new precision 3540 Dell computer.

I have RMD tec support on it, I have Dell tec support on it, and I have included my Solid works Tec support people in the conversation.  I will repot what they say.  I truly believe after reading this thread that there is a conflict between the Dell precision 3540, and the RMD WX2100.   If you read the thread you will see that at least one other person has tried all of the Drivers for that graphics card, and most of the configurations that were available on the graphics card.  So that is why I am including the thread.  #Dell precision 3540 and RMD pro WX 2100 graphics conflict