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Show total quantity on drawing?

Question asked by Wayne Barrett on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Wayne Barrett

This has been handled in various ways, but I would like to know if anyone else has had the same issue I have.


I commonly need to send out drawings to fabricators and vendors.  The first thing anyone needs to know when looking at one of my drawings is how many to make.  And they want to know that info from the drawing in their hands.  I have submitted an enhancement request that has not been converted to an SPR yet, submitted about a month ago.  How can I count the total number of parts/assemblies that are within the whole machine and write that as a property to display that on a drawing.


I have achieved that in the past with this macro courtesy of Deepak Gupta.

Multiply Qty custom property in part, from assembly 


That macro has since stopped working for me when I updated to 2019.  Now I use #TASK from Central Innovation.  I don't know for sure if they support it anymore, but it still works for me.  One day though, that may change and I would like for Solidworks to just allow me to display the quantity of that part or sub-assembly on its drawing.  I like the fact that I currently do that by writing that value as a property so I can call it elsewhere too, but just on the drawing would be enough.


To clarify, I don't mean the regular "quantity" that populates the BOM.  That info displays in the assembly containing the part/assembly, not on the part/assembly itself.  I can't convince the fabricator to sort through 100 drawings to find the BOM that lists how many to make.  And, I could have 2 of this part here and 4 there and 7 somewhere else so it could show up in 3 different BOMs, but the "total quantity" is actually 13 and I need to display that on the drawing of the part itself.


Does anyone else view this as a necessary function?  I can design machines with hundreds of parts and assemblies that require drawings so counting by hand is not ideal.

How do you tell an outside vendor how many you need?  I do run a parts only BOM on the highest level assembly, but that does not count the sub-assembles like I want to.