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Asking for Help, Tips, and Links for making a Custom Drawing Template

Question asked by Justin Pires on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by Justin Pires

Hello All,


I've just upgraded from 2017SP5 to 2018SP5 and I've been tasked with re-mastering our Part, Assembly, Drawing and a few specialty templates to avoid Jim Sculley's Crusty Old Template File Gotcha . Fun Times.


At any rate I've modified several Drawing Templates in the past but I've never had to scratch build one from SW's Anemic default before. I'll be honest here I have not looked into any specialty classes or training sims, Forum and self taught here. I'm much better with the later high tech stuff then the groundwork.

I'd like to start with Drawing Zones. I've read what Dan Pihlaja said in How to read and use drawing zone? but in fiddling with borders, zone parameters, and sheet format I cant make heads or tails about whats going on here. I can add rows or columns in Zone Parameters but they dont appear on the sheet. If I edit sheet format the border and notations are modifiable. Does this have to be added by hand? Automatic Borders is what I was looking for here. Is there any SW fancy purpose to drawing zones like linking annotations to part in Zone B1? Is it an aesthetic reference grid?


Next I'd like a better understanding of the Title Block. Ive seen the ability to import Title block is this supposed to behave like a sketch block? Like maybe I could have a few Title Block templates I could swap out on the fly? Once again why would the title block be modifiable when editing sheet format? This guy has a you tube tutorial about making a Title block from blank slate. This is Null as I will be using Property tab builder to power my Title block and I dont want someone to make changes in the fields on the drawing. They can do that in the Part.


2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Automatic Border PropertyManager is uncharacteristically useful this time