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    How to read and use drawing zone?

    Chika Co

      I am new to using drawing zone.  I don't know how to read drawing zone.  I follow the instruction from SW Help site about Defining Drawing Sheet Zones, but it did not help me because I don't have the same window showing Zone Parameters.  This is my window after I RMB to Edit Sheet Format.

      On the drawing, I guess the first column is sheet number, what is the second column for?

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          Deepak Gupta

          You must have SW 2015 or above to have Zone Parameters (as these were introduced in 2015 version).

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            Newell Voss

            you are looking at the specific drawing properties. (RMB>properties) not the template file format (RMB>edit sheet format)

            the zones are used in controlling design documentation to achieve a uniform SOP. They would be defined at the sheet template level, not the design drawing that uses the template.

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              Dan Pihlaja

              I am using SW 2015 SP5, so it might look a little different for other SW versions.


              When you RMB on your Sheet Format in the tree on the left, you will see the following:


              Alternatively, you can Edit Sheet format and then RMB on the sheet itself and see:


              From there, you can select "More Properties"


              Alternatively, you should be able to get to the same place by RMB on your Sheet Format and selecting Properties.

              Then you should see 2 tabs:


              Anyway, this is what you will get to:


              Define the zones based on your title block (hopefully your title block has zone identifying lines on it in the margins, if not, then you will need to add them).


              To help, you can turn on the view of Zone lines by selecting:


              Then add a pattern of notes to the title block (it doesn't matter what is actually in the notes, since the Zone Tag Editor will change them anyway, so make a pattern of notes that have the # 1 in them for example).


              Then RMB on the sheet and select Zone Tag Editor again and this time select all the notes that represent the column headers in the column section and all the notes that represent the row headers in the rows section.


              Then drag each note to it's correct column or row position, depending on your selection.


              Then, when you are all done, and are creating drawings merrily, and you need to create a zone reference for a note or a view.

              Just create a note and select the following:










              I am not sure at all what the that you have is for, since I don't see it on mine.