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How to Use the Bounding Box Functionality in 2019?

Question asked by Keaton Warn on Aug 15, 2019

My coworkers are trying to find a way to get bounding box lengths/widths for sheet metal parts on assembly BOMs. They remember being able to do it on 2018, but we recently "upgraded" to 2019 and haven't been able to figure out how to do it.


I've found these threads indicating that something fundamental was changed with the bounding box functionality.


[SW2019SP1]Why did SolidWorks make it so the Bounding Box HAS to be shown and un-suppressed in order to update? 


We seem to be dealing with the second link's issue. I would write a macro to help them out since they would need to go through hundreds of files to unsuppress/unhide the cutlist/bounding box stuff they are trying to get to. However, I will need to spend some time making sure I understand the calls and functions so I have to put that on the back burner for now. Even then, they are having issues with the functionality being stable since values in the BOMs will change/disappear (at least from what they've told me).


I did find a #task library macro that almost sort of does what we want, but since we are dealing with sheet metal, and the assembly BOMs point to the configuration used in the assembly (the formed config, not the flat config), the formed bounding box values are put in the BOM and we need the flat pattern values.


Will these issues be fixed? Is there some way to do this that we are overlooking?


EDIT: We are using PDM Professional 2019 as well. Maybe there is better support for a bounding box feature for sheet metal as a PDM variable now?

PDM and Solidworks' Bounding Box dimensions