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New Free Tool – nFiles – Enhancement of manipulating Solidworks files

Question asked by Christian Chu on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Here is the link for downloading the tool


Up to the current SW2017 version (from 2007 ???), the recent open files is limit to 16. Yes, “sixteen” is all you have!!! You can have option to put some of the most used files in the pin list but you end up taking away some of the magic number 16, no way to expand it. This has been set for a while and if you’re ok with it, you’re not one of these Gentlemen!!!

There is no easy way to edit the recent file list unless you’re comfortable enough to play with the registry and make change there. Surely it’s not a favor to many.  So I decided to give it a try and finally got the program (Beta) running. If interested, I’d like to invite you to play with this new tool and again, this is a free tool (beside some Gentlemen here owe me some beers)

As what I did with another tool, nViews, feel free to post your comment/feedback here and I’ll adjust accordingly to make this tool better for everyone use


What's new with nFiles in CvC Tools Rev. D-01


As mentioned in nViews thread, I tried to stay with a slogan “one click action” in my tools so the major change on this release focusing on Mouse User Interface (UI) Events which the user can manipulate file with left mouse button (LMB) only without a help of any extra action


  • Single click: is used to select a SW file in any list box and open it
  • Double click : is used to select a check box in front of each SW file in the list box – The checked file(s) then can be either multi-open or deleted or (using command buttons, with images of arrow up  and down  , located on the left side of the list box to move file up or down)
  • Mouse down-move-up: is used to drag and drop a SW file - use LMB to click  a SW file in the list box, then without releasing the button, drag it to a location and release the LMB to drop it into a part, assembly or drawing (note the preview of model while dragging)


Here is what you’ll see while running the new version of nFiles


1. There are 3 folders included in nFiles: Recent, Favorite and Library and each has its own menu

      a. Recent Folder: File is added to this folder each time it’s open in SW – see below image for the changes in menu



      b. Favorite Folder and Library Folders: you can pin files from Recent Folder or add files to these folders using File Dialog Box to browse a SW file


2. Drag and Drop implementation: when you press LMB and start the drag action, you’ll see mouse cursor changing over to a preview of SW 3D model to represent the move action  until you drop it to SW (can be part or drawing or assembly)

3. New multi-Open is added to the menu

4. Files in Favorite and Library folders can be rearranged (move up and down) for your convenience