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New Free Tool - nViews - Enhancement of  viewing  SW 3D models

Discussion created by Christian Chu on Nov 15, 2016
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Here is the link

if you already have A-01 version in your computer then no need  to uninstall the addin

The new B-01 installer will un-register the A-01 and register the B-01 into your computer.


Hi All


Like most of you, I use SW orientation tool to manipulate 3D model on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tool and I like the way it looks; however, the View Orientation Cube’s user interface (UI) is not truly single point-and-click interface without a help (holding down) of ctrl or Alt key.


Creating this tool nViews, my intent was not to reinvent the wheel but I’d like to introduce a different way of viewing the SW 3D models based on the idea of “what you see is what you get” with one-click action. Other than that, I’ve tried to keep nViews' appearances as most SW existing tools so you will be comfortable with the new tool. Well… download, install, and play with the tool and you’ll be the judge.


Final note: I am a ME who also believes i = i+1. Keep in mind that I’m not a hardcore programmer so please don’t expect perfection from this Add-in. That’s said, I’d appreciate if you email or message me for any comments or suggestions.  Positive or Negative comments are welcome.  I don’t mind to hear this tool totally sucks. This way, you’ll encourage me to develop more tools in the future.


Last and the most important thing: it’s 100% FREE (no hidden fees)


EDIT: Thank you all - your suggestions and comments are awesome and  I really appreciated your input. Here is the list I considered to change


What's new with nViews  in Cvc Tools Rev. B-01

(Including those who contributed idea/opinion to this release)


1.The arrows on all corners and faces, being used for view selectors, were replaced with circle shapes - Kevin Lamport

2.The SW 3D model is remained to the current view orientation when the nViews is launched - Rick McDonald

3.The current orientation status is displayed on the title bar including the axonometric mode, axonometric view and normal view ex.  Iso (Isometric), TFR (top-front-right corner), Top  - Rick McDonald

4.The nViews dialog box can be opted (on/off) for TopMost  - Rick McDonald

5.The “Zoom To Fit” feature can be opted (on/off) – See Jim Wilkinson comments below for “off” option - Bob Van Dick & Peter Brinkhuis

6.The View Selectors are displayed darker in the front view and lighter in the back view for easy recognition - John Stoltzfus

7.The nViews dialog box can be opted for pin/unpin which the dialog box is closed after one click (unpin) or stayed on the screen for using more than 1 feature (pin) - Rick Becker.

8.There are 3 separate buttons for isometric, diametric and trimetric – Rick Becker

9.The ToolTips feature can be opted (on/off) – Chris Champions

10.The nViews cube can be displayed in different colors with diff. darkness and  transparency (open for comments and suggestions)

11.The nViews dialog box can be used for quick access to alarm clock/reminders or sending emails or launching internet explorer – read help file for more detail (open for comments and suggestions)


What's new with nViews in Cvc Tools Rev. B-02


1. There have been many discussions about transferring SW license - please read this – I added a new option to this addin so you can have option to turn on/off the transfer license reminder each time exiting the SW. The reminder can be found in Tools pulldown menu: Tools > CvcTools > Settings

2. There was a flaw while running version B-01 on a computer with multi-version of SW installed. If you have

     a. One version of SW installed on your computer: do nothing (uncheck Multi-Version checkbox)

     b. More than one version of SW installed - Please select running SW version (check Multi-Version checkbox and select SW version from combobox) from tools pulldown menu: Tools > CvCTools > Settings before running nViews   : FIXED in D-01


3. Again, the downloading and installation of this addin should take less than 5 min. - Please provide your feedback if you find anything. Thanks


Here is the download  Link