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Auto-rotate view in sketches

Question asked by Priya Dalmia Employee on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2016 by Glenn Schroeder

Hi there,

I want to gather your input on the system behavior for sketches. There is a setting under Tools > Options > System Options > Sketch > “Auto-rotate view normal to sketch plane on sketch creation”.  If this option is selected, it rotates the view to be normal to the sketch plane whenever you open a sketch on a plane.  When you exit the sketch, it brings you back to your original view. This option does not work if you edit an existing sketch. I'm looking into making the behavior consistent for new and existing sketches across all different scenarios.


If this option is selected and you exit the sketch, what would be your preference?

             Option 1: When I exit sketch mode, bring the model back to my original view.

Option 2: When I exit sketch mode, do not change the view.

Option 3: Bring to original view only if I cancelled the sketch command.


Original View before getting in the sketch mode:


Normal view in the sketch mode:


There is another thread with similar discussion. I started a new one to get more feedback.