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Runner Design - Solidworks Plastics

Question asked by Chirayu Jain on Aug 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Stephen White

Hello everyone,


I am trying to design a plastic part and its mold. I am having trouble meshing/designing the runner.

When I use Shell mesh, I can choose the cross section of runners and gates from circle/half-circular/rectangular/trapezoidal etc. However, when I use Solid mesh, I can only select a circular cross section (I want to select a half-circular runner). I need to use a solid mesh for cooling channel and mold design. What should I do?


Also, when I use Solid mesh to create runners, I get an error message "Runner length is too short. Mesh generation failed". I altered the runner sketch several times but I wasn't able to mesh the part (Runners, Cooling Channels and Mold) using Solid mesh.


I have attached the multi-cavity part file.


Can anybody please help me out?




Chirayu Jain