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How to create a cover and how to poligon model

Question asked by Yaro Yaro on Aug 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2015 by Martin MacDonald

Hi all,


I've a newbie question about how to correctly to proceed to create a cover for a product. This cover have a particular shape that have some round and smooth parts and some poligon parts(planar "rought" surfaces and edges). Step 1 I've recreated all internal components, particular shape pcbs and components encumbrances. Step 2 I've created an assembly of it to reproduce positions of each components. Now I want to use this "base" model to draw on it and use it as dimension reference.


My question is how I can create a New Part and use an assembly as reference? Also, there is a way to poligon modeling like in 3D graphic programs?(like move surfaces in the space without dimensions costraints or plane costraints)