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Is there an easier way to edit a large .cwcur time curve?

Question asked by David Marsden on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by David Marsden

I have a time curve for 1 hour incremented at .2 seconds.

This gives me 18,000 data points. Per time curve, and I need 10 time curves.


I have 10 heat flux's (thus 10 curves). Each occurirng .2 seconds after the previous one, and the cycle repeats every 2 seconds for 1 hour (well the 1 hour is arbitrary, once i get the simulation running I will need to change the 1 hour to however long it takes the system to stabilize).


So I need ten files with 18,000 data points each, and they are the same except that the on and off times are stagared .2 seconds apart.


I was just wondering if anyone has found an easy why to edit these large files. I have tried notepad, but that isn't much faster than the editor in solidworks.

If the time curves were an excel type file format it would be easy to create the 9 others once the first one is done, but they are in xml.


Also, do I have to have every time step in every time curve? What would happen if I only put in the data points where the heat flux is on? Would SWX assume it to be off during the missing data?


Just thought I would ask in case someone knows a better way.


David Marsden