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    Part Template with Sketch References (like Pro-E/Creo)

    Dan Bertschi

      Hey Gang!


      Change is difficult, no matter which direction you're going.  Like many of you, I've spent time using other CAD software, and still enjoy learning new ones.  That said, every package has its good points, and this thread is NOT intended to become an Empire vs Rebel discussion :-).


      In my current role, I'm reviewing/creating templates for use across our organization.  The Eng Mgr has experience with Pro-E, and really likes the automatic sketch references in the XYZ directions.  He asked if I could make that happen in our templates.


      Attached is my solution.  I'm sharing it here for your use, let me know if you like it.  All I did was add XYZ Axis (because I like having them, regardless), and add a 3DSketch with infinite lines along the axis.  The lines allow you to hide the axis, which can affect zoom-to-fit, when shown.  The lines also provide a hard relation, not just the inferred one, seen while 'floating' into desired position.  If the lines are not desired, simply hide the sketch.


      Feel free to post similar templates in this thread.


      Have a great weekend, everyone!


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          John Stoltzfus

          Dan the only problem in setting up a template per your upload is the infinite lines, if turned on will zoom out the part/assembly so far out it'll look like a small speck etc...


          I think it depends on what you design, here all I do is furniture, so it's height, depth, length etc.. Attached is how I have mine setup which i really like, normally the first detail I get is overall sizes, so I just change the dimensions in the sketches and that is my outside design limits.

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              Dan Bertschi

              Thanks for the reply, John.  Did you try using the template? I'm curious, because the behavior you describe, was a concern of mine.  However, when I tried it, I had no problems with zoom-to-fit.  The lines in my template are construction.  I just tried changing them to solid, added some geometry, still had no issue with zoom-to-fit.  It zoomed to my geometry only.


              Now, I can confirm that if your Axis are visible, the zoom-to-fit WILL zoom way out to fit the axis into viewing area.  My axis are not that long, I was told that size doesn't matter.  The zooming doesn't seem to care about the lines though.


              To all, if you try my template & experience a zoom-to-fit issue, please let me know.  I'll work on it.


              John, what SW version is your template, 2015?  I'm on 2014 SP3.0 and can't open your template.