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    All macros are not working

    Taylor Rucker

      When I try to run ANY macro using the green "run" arrow, SW crashes. If I try to edit ANY macro, SW crashes. When I try to add a macro button I get a message saying that the macro (.swp) could not be opened. I'm positive all of my macros work on my other computer, I use them daily. But for some reason they don't work at all on this desktop. Alsu, upon start up of solidworks I get the "cold not load SOLIDWORKS DLL: GdtAnalysisSupport.dll" message.


      I have searched through the forums and tried a lot of fixes but nothing has worked yet, please help.


      SW 2015 SP 0.0

      Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1 64 bit

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          Horst Wieland

          That's a known issue related to Windows Installer hotfix  KB3072630.

          This needs to be uninstalled before installing SolidWorks up to 2015sp4.


          If you installed directly (without admin Image) - remove the hotfix, repair install

          SolidWorks or reinstall it entirely (first uninstall solidworks, then the hotfix!)

          After repairing or installing SolidWorks reinstall the hotfix.


          Typically swvbaserver keeps crashing and remains in Memory

          after closing SolidWorks and Addins aren't registered and so on.


          See also advices inside the knowledgebase of SolidWorks.

          It's also possible to adjust a registry key instead of removing the hotfix.

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            Leon Wurr

                 Have you tried updating/reinstalling your Windows .NET Framework?

                 I had this problem a while ago and I solved it through this.

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              Taylor Rucker

              Thank you!


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                Nick Gvk

                I had these problems a while ago as well

                i just found this thread on this forum


                it indeed is the  windows update/registry key KB3072630


                since not everyone is verry knowledgeable to just go edit the right registry key

                i made a little script that does it for u

                i also included a readme so u  follow the steps in it to make solidworks preform like normal again

                this wil work on  windows 8 / 8.1 and windows 10

                to my knowledge it has worked for soldiworks 2009 2011 2013 and 2014

                it must also work for other versions but i just have not been able to test it for them as i know no one with these versions




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