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    Drawing view labels SW2015

    Benedict Kent

      I have found that when I create a projected view and select to have an arrow that I no longer get a drawing view created.


      I do for other views types but nothing for projected. I have gone through all the options and made sure create view label is turned on.


      The interesting thing is my colleague when he creates a projected view gets a view label.


      I have even tried right clicking on a projected view and selecting Add View Label but nothing comes up.

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          Matthew Lorono



          I'm not 100% I'm clear about your concerns.  You mention both view labels and arrows.  These are different things.


          Add View Label will only add a label if your Document Properties are set to do so.  Additionally, if you only want the view scale to appear, then the rules for all views are the same: a scale will only appear in a view label is that view is a difference scale than the drawing.

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              Benedict Kent

              To make it clear.


              I have a plan view of a part. I create a projected view, I select Arrow I call it A for example.

              I get the arrow pointing at the appropriate side of the part I am projecting the view from. I DO NOT get a view label on the view.


              I used to get a view label for the projected view but no longer.


              I understand about view scale etc. That isn't the issue. It is why I no longer automatically get a view label for project view, even though I have selected in document properties in options to create labels for new views.


              The reason I tried Add View label was to force it to make one, but that doesn't work, I only get a little box showing where it should be.