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Higher reaction torque than input value

Question asked by David Flemming on Aug 27, 2015

Hello everyone...


I'm running a simple analysis to measure the torque transmitted to a contact patch on a wheel in SW Simulation. In the image below I apply a 134 Nm torque to the shaft face about its axis, the shaft transmits torque to the wheel which has a fixed patch at its base.


The problem is that when I'm checking the reaction forces and torque, I'm getting a torque of 138 Nm.


I expected to get a bit less since the contact definition of the gear teeth is No Penetration with 0.2 coefficient of friction. So I'm wondering if it's just a margin of error or something.


In the image below, the torque is measured from a point on the axis

I've attached the Assembly as well.


Any help will be greatly appreciated

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