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Treehouse Options

Question asked by Gene Groysman on Aug 27, 2015

Started to explore Treehouse ("TH") in 2015 Solidworks.

Is there the option to print or save as PDF format?

PrintScreen option doesn't give good resolution for large assemblies.

I saved TreeHouse file and checked it in Workgroup PDM as associated attachment with particular model.

Tried to check it out with same model on different computer with same network, it came out empty.


Suggestion for SW Treehouse developers:


1. Option to preview/ save TH files in PDM as PDF.

2.  When TH file got saved to PDM Vault, could it be checked out and viewed by other PDM users?

3.  How to suppress the parts/ assemblies, belonged to different configurations? (with dotted frames).

4. Can I override / rename part (assembly's) names or use custom property names instead file names, including ToolBox components in TH diagram?

5. Can I re-size part/assy icons?


Thank you.