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    Mirrored drawing views

    Russell Fox

      I am detailing bathrooms for large developments. I have two instances when I want a mirrored view of an assembly.

      1. Architects use a RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan) to show the ceiling detail. Its a view looking down but showing the ceiling detail as you would see it reflected off the floor. I cant replicate this view.

      2. I often need an exact mirror image of the same bathroom assembly. Typically to create the mirrored view layout drawings I export the arrangement drawings to AutoCAD and mirror the views there and keep the mirrored version as autocad files. It becomes a pain when things change as they are not parametric.

      Ive put in an enhancement request but are there others that would benefit from being able to mirror a view at the drawing stage.

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          Matthew Lorono

          Russell, if you are using AutoCAD for mirrored views, then you really don't need AutoCAD.  You can make an unlinked mirror view in SOLIDWORKS by using the Convert View to Sketch command in the right-click menu on a drawing view.  Convert the view to a block and place the block on the drawing.  Explode the block and then mirror the sketch.


          Do you need to have the view linked to the original geometry?


          Also, what is your expectation for RCP?

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              Russell Fox

              It would be really nice to have the option to be able to create a mirrored  view that was a typical drawing view in every other respect. Linked to the part or assembly as a view that will update. Turning into 2d unlinked entities whether in AutoCAD or in Solidworks is time consuming to create and to recreate when things change like they do. I didn't realise you could do what you said though I will give it a try.

              When you see a reflected ceiling plan next to the floor plan it makes sense that you want to see the ceiling in the same orientation to the floor plan as a plan view. I create a section looking up to get the ceiling view, what you see if you lie on your back looking up. Its not architectural convention, and harder to work out what you are looking at.

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                Russell Fox


                Ive thought a bit more on what I would like to see.

                A button on the view layout tab next to break  or crop view with a mirror icon that you apply to an existing view in a similar way.

                Hit this button and select a view. Choose a plane in the part or assembly to mirror about. i.e. front, top or right.

                Have that view now show the relected image about that plane.

                Have any view projected off that view be similarly mirrored.