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Smart Component feature not working

Question asked by Fernando Castellanos on Aug 26, 2015

Hey SW community!


So I have this part (male lamello) that I want to make a smart component (fig1).

This lamello goes into a 16mm thick board (or thicker) and a slot is cut on the edge of the board so that the part can be mated and it also has a hole on the top so that an allen key can be inserted to tighten the lamello (fig2).

On another board is the female version of the lamello (fig3). The two slots (for male and female lamellos) should line up (vertically and horizontally) so that both

lamellos coincide.


What I've been trying to do is to make the male lamello a smart component so that I can introduce it into an assembly and, once mated, let it create the required slots for the male

lamello (as well as the hole for the allen key) and female lamello and introduce the female lamello itself (fig4)


To start I insert the male lamello into the assembly, mate it to the edge of the board and give it a width mate so it is always in the middle of the thickness of the board.

When I click insert smart features, it takes me to the prompt and asks me for faces. Once I give it all its references it creates the slot for the male, cuts the hole for the allen key, introduces the female lamello BUT it does not introduce the cut for the female lamello.


In my defining assembly I have two boards (one for the male and one for the female). I have made the cuts in both boards for the lamellos (separate individual cuts that coincide).

I have the lamellos mated by centre to each other (and the rest of the mates needed to locate the male lamello in the board). I click "make smart component" and it takes me to the prompt. I click the male lamello to be my smart component (fig5), under components I select the female lamello (fig6) and under features I select the three cuts: slot for the male lamello, slot for the female lamello and the hole for the allen key (fig7). I tick ok and it seems to be happy with that.


I introduce the smart component and introduce the features and this is the result: fig8. There is a slot for the male, a hole for the allen key, the female lamello is introduced but not the slot for the female lamello.


Any help on how to solve this would be appreciated


PS: sorry for the looooong post. Just wanted to give plenty of info.