Eric Olson

eDrawings for Mac B&W

Discussion created by Eric Olson on Aug 9, 2007
I noticed eDrawings 2008 beta4 for mac today, I had hoped the print B&W feature was added or at least the colorsync option worked. But there does not appear to be any changes to printing from eDrawings 2007 to eDrawings 2008. My windows users can select B&W before printing, Mac osx 10.4 users cannot. I tried the colorsync option within the print driver, but if I select B&W, I only get the black layer on the printout, nothing else prints. The gray option is too light for anyone to read the 2D drawing. I really require a B&W option for printing 2D drawings, color is not an option (neither using color printers nor printing color to a black laser where the gray is too light to be functional for a manufacturing floor to use)