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Question asked by Oli Sparrow on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by Arthur McRae

Hi all,


  I have an equation driven assembly where I need to specify suppression states between two variables.  Eg.


"Suppress part X if Length A is greater than 5000 and Length B is less than 4000"


The screenshot attached worked fine until I saved, closed and then reloaded the assembly.  You can see I've actually guessed at using an 'AND' function.  I don;t actually know if this is properly supported within Solidworks, but it did work for a while.  The line highlighted blue is my original typed equation - all those underneath with errors have been changed by Solidworks when reloading.


Now when I reopen the equations show an error and you can see that a portion of the equation has been grouped in quotation marks, causing it to fail.


Any ideas, or better ways of solving the same problem?






I tested it with the 5076.2 placed within quotation marks instead of a bare numerical expression and it seems to have solved the problem, even though SW automatically delets the quotation marks on completion.  Seems a bit fragile?