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    Wrong shear diagram on beam simulation

    Rodrigo De Castro Acua

      Hello everybody,


      I'm starting to use Solidworks Simulation (2014 SP3). I'm trying to do a simple example before designing and calculating a bigger structure. The example consists on a box section beam fixed (displacements and rotations) on one side, and a local force applied on the free side.


      Please check image1.jpg. The box section is height 1450 mm, width 730 mm. I think that thicknesses are irrelevant.


      The length of the beam is 5 m. The force applied is 1000 N. Obviously, the reaction force on Y-axis is 1000 N and the moment reaction on Z-axis is 5000 N·m (check image2.jpg), but the shear diagram (and also moment) doesn't match with the theoretical results. It should also be 1000 N constant along the beam (please, check image3.jpg).


      I thought it could be because of the relation between the height and the length of the beam, but I have increased the length to 30 m and the results are the same.


      Am I missing something or doing something wrong? May anybody help me clarifying this issue?


      Thank you in advance. Regards.