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Air flow simulation when vacuuming two chambers

Question asked by Jure Rejc on Aug 25, 2015
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I checked the internet but I could not find the solution. I have a system with two small chambers; one has a volume of 250 mm3 and other 650 mm3 with pressure sensor attached. These two chambers are connected with small and short tube (d=0.6 mm). To this tube another small tube (like T) with the same diameter is connected and leads to the larger connector where the vaccum pump is connected. At the start inside the system is a normal air with normal pressure (1013 mBar). After the vacuum pump is switched on the air is sucked out of the system to cca. 10 mbar - measured with the attached pressure sensor. I need to set the simulation for air flow, pressure drop in 2 seconds and the air temperature simulation.


Is this possible in SolidWorks Flow Simulation?


Thank you for the answer!