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Motor-Driven Animation Question

Question asked by John Wayman on Aug 25, 2015
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I am making my first foray into animation.

I have a model of a 6 axis robot and I want to have it move its axes in an animation.

I have assembled the axes as hinges, each with its own angle limits and what I believe is the starting point. Having said that, they don't seem to return to the same position when I regenerate, so maybe I'm even missing the point on that one.

Anyway, I can drag my axes around and they seem to stop where I expect them to.

I then click 'Motion Study' and 'Motor'. I edit the (rotary) motor to have the same reference planes as the angular limits of my hinge, select 'Distance' and replace the (apparently absurd) defaults with an angle, a start time and a duration.

I click regenerate for good measure, then click 'Calculate' The motor drives the axis as I expect. Once. Next time, it seems to be random whether it starts from where it ended up last time or just doesn't move at all. If I investigate my mates, it seems to randomly swap between having my reference planes mated one way (the way I wanted them) and 180 degrees out.

I can't find anything in the help beyond an instruction to 'edit the settings of the motor'. I had worked that one out myself. I can't find a tutorial, either.

I think my workflow is probably incorrect, but I'm not sure how.

I have had similar problems in Pro/Engineer, but I managed to figure out the workflow quite readily. I'm struggling here, though.


I would welcome any pointers.



SW2014 Professional, SP5