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Closed Corner Welding

Question asked by Rob Docter on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Rob Docter

Hello  I am working on a sheet metal part and I am having trouble with one of my corners.  When I try to do a weld corner it works just fine.  But I want to limit the welding done on this corner so I applied a closed corner, but after I do that it does not do the welded corner in solidworks.  I do need the corner welded so since this is not working could you give me advice on how to get this to work or should I just put the weld in manually since this does not seem to work for me.



Thank you for the advice and help.  The picture I sent is of the closed corner that I can not get to weld.  I did not attach a picture of the welded corner when it is not closed but it worked so I did not attach a picture of that.