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Centrifugal Pump analysis

Question asked by Prabhu Prakash on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by Prabhu Prakash

Dear all,

     I have a doubt in analysis of Centrifugal Pump analysis procedure. I have used the following Boundary Conditions.

          Inlet - Pressure opening (101325 Pa) (Pressure potential is not checked in)

          Outlet - Volume flow rate (4m^3 / hr) (Relative to Rotating frame is checked in)

          Wall - casing (stator)

          Rotating Region - 2880 RPM


My goals are: Total Pressure @ outlet and Torque on Impeller along the axis of rotation.


Are my BC and Goals are correct or do I need to change the BC. My output for this BC should be 4.5 bar pressure (45 head in terms of MWC), because this output is achieved by practical pump testing. This pump is a positive suction pump used in food industries. Can you please help me, I am not getting the desired output. what steps should i follow in Calculation Control options. The required output flow rate and its corresponding head is given in the attached image along with Boundary Conditions. What kind of mesh should i follow. Should I go for Local mesh.

I have attached the steps which i used for my analysis. Kindly look over it and guide me for correct procedure.a.PNG










For the above settings, i got the following output, but it's not matching for the available datas.