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Fill pattern fails on multiple features

Question asked by Zserg Zserg on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by Zserg Zserg

I'm trying to propargate multiple features with the Fill Pattern command. However, when I add certain features to the pattern, it fails. An example can be seen in the screenshot:


I need to fill the upper surface of the disc with chamfered square notches, each having a small hole in the center. Notch and chamfer go OK, but when I add the hole (Led lense hole feature) to the list of features to pattern, SW gives me a rebuild error, although everything is fine in the preview (see the pic).

The same situation happens for the other features. The bottom side of the disc should be filled with threaded holes aligned to the notches on the upper side. When I select cap hole feature for patterning, everything works fine. When I add thread and thread undercut, the pattern fails. What is the issue here?