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Drawing did not open up correctly

Question asked by Ben Fisher on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

Hi ,

Im having an issue with a few drawings of mine.

The drawings for which I have this issue, takes 25min to open.


When my drawing eventually opens it gives me an error stating , that there was an error whilst opening my drawing and that I must consult my VAR; The problem is that after ive closed the error message I am left with my drawing sheet and it will not zoom in or out , although the ruler shows the result of the zoom ,the actual sheet is stationary.I can however click on all the tool etc, it is almost as if the drawing sheet has become a mask and I am working behind it ,blind.


Now my VAR , said that he believes the drawing to be corrupt.

On further investigation I found this to be false as it opens up just fine on another machine(same spec machine + same drivers ).


PLEASE HELP !! this drawing took me like 4 hours to do because of the computing time for the sections.


Before anyone bashes my set up , I am on a more than proficient PC,


My model just has alot of unique parts , sometimes 40k Parts