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How to export user settings without refering to local user paths?

Question asked by Karsten Quint on Aug 24, 2015

We have a midsize engineering team working all with the same SolidWorks version and computer hardware.


To ensure equal settings an all our CAD-workstations/ installations I go through the following routine:

1. export our default settings using the Copy Settings Wizard

2. save them in EPDM

3. mail each user and tell them to update/ import the settings using the Copy Settings Wizard (Destination: Current user)


The problem with this approach is that I end up with entries that refer to local user paths, which need to be corrected manually.



How can I avoid this behavior?


Are there any advantages using as destinations (One or more network computers/ roaming user profiles)? There is little information on this topic in the user guides.


Are there any other methods to keep the settings synchronized? Do you recommend to copy the settings via batch when starting SolidWorks?