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    Expanded Metal Creation"

    Michael Ralph


      I need to creat a Platform covered with Expanded Metal. Does anyone have a 3d Shortcut besides extruding a bunch of Diamonds?@

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          J. Mather

          Best shortcut is to use a cosmetic texture.

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            Bryan Ray

            Did you try 3D Content Central?  This 3D ContentCentral is a link to expanded metal there.

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              Scott Baugh

              ! asked this same question a few months ago. Here is what I did to show it within our guarding. Its not to scale, because I just wanted a representation of expanded metal. I made a Design Table to cut out what was needed per the guarding. I started with a 48" x 120" and just used the same feature to cutout what was needed.



              I also needed a rolled piece, but this time I just made a rolled sheet and cut out a portion using an Expanded metal sketch. The reason for only using a portion was so it didn't kill my assembly.




              I have attached both files in this post.


              SW needs to make a file that can by customized without it the file being huge. The guarding part is over 100MB after I add the above DT.


              Hope this helps,

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                Tom Dirriwachter

                I did this once in Pro|E but this is pretty generic if you must have the offset.


                Start with determining the angle of each "wave".  This can be managed with a sketch of the side view.

                Next, create a wave extrusion on a plane angle per the sketch.  Wave - wwwwwwwwwwwwww   Plane angle /

                Now pattern the wavy feature once in x and y to accomplish the offset.  Be sure they merge.

                Then pattern both features to the desired plate size and trim the edges to the finished size.


                Here is one with additional processing...