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SolidWorks Student Engineering Kit keeps crashing when adding new plane

Question asked by Theo Linders on Aug 22, 2015
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I just installed the new SolidWorks Student Engineering kit 2015-2016 SP 2.1 and I run into a serious problem.

Every time I add a new plane SW crashes telling me it is encountering a problem.

Reinstalling didn't change anything in this issue.


Before installation I uninstalled KB3072630 and rebooted and during installation the virusscanner was disabled.


Hard/Software on my HP laptop

Windows 8.1 worked perfectly with 2014-2015

i7 2.4 GHz 4700 MQ CPU

24 GB of RAM


NVidia Quadro K3100M


Can anyone help please? I have to prepare my courses for next year and this way I can't get anything done.