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Problems with bend lines vanishing

Question asked by Kevin Quigley on Aug 9, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2007 by Neal Rusy
Anybody else seeing bend lines vanish on part drawings containingboth the flat pattern and the folded state?

I'm editing an old 2005 part in 2007 SP3.1 and created a couple ofnew drawings and the bend lines refuse to show in the flat patternstate. I am right clicking on the flat drawing and not seeing anyoption to show or remove bend lines, yet the options for bend notesare there and can be added OK.

Even if I turn on the visibility of the bend line sketch and turnon sketches they don't show, yet all the other sketches in themodel show.

Odd thing is the bend lines can be selected and when right clickedthey give the option to be hidden (implying that they are visible).All the line fonts and thicknesses are OK.

In the end I gave up and manually drew in lines over the hiddenbend lines. This one has got me!

Anybody else seen anything like this?

Can;t post the files as they are live.