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    Y shaped pipe with tricky boundary conditions.

    Eddy Muzza

      I have a pipe with two inlets and one outlet. Its basically a Y shaped pipe. I am trying to run a pressure drop analysis of it but I do not have any outlet data. All I have is that both inlets are exposed to a mass flow of 0.2kg/s and both are exposed at the inlet to atmospheric pressure. Solidworks flow doesnt allow you to put more than one boundary condition per surface so how would I go about finding the outlet pressure and pressure drop (outlet mass flow is also unknown)

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          Stephen White

          Hi Eddy,


          The mass flow rate into the system must be the same as the mass flow out of the system. So in a steady state system, if each inlet is 0.2 kg/s then conservation of mass would mean that the outlet mass flow will be 0.4 kg/s.


          Therefore if we apply a static pressure on the inlet, and an outlet mass flow of 0.4 kg/s then you should have enough to run the simulation.


          Hope this helps