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MacBook Pro 15'' 2015

Question asked by Tim Jansen on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by Greg Hynd


In 2 weeks I start my education and i need to buy a laptop,

since I want to buy a mac i have a question about Solidworks. I will use it probaly with bootcamp.

What are the restrictions, i read something about not be able to construct really difficult designs on a mac?

Is the one with the Intel Iris Pro enough, or is it really recommended to get de AMD graphics card?

Someone any experience with mbp 15'' 2015?

or anything else i need to know?



and is it hard to get the bootcamp, window and solidworks on a mac, I am fine with computers and macs, but not an expert?

I know there are other questions about it, but they are pritty old of date.


THNX in advance.