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Weldment Cut List Question

Question asked by Craig Thier on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by Chris Mackedanz

Any ideas on how to generate a column in a Weldment Cut to add a certian amount to a dimension from the model?  Similar to how an equation in a excel spreedsheet works... In the custom woodworking trade and using weldments cut list to generate a parts/cut list for shop.  However I do need some columns to add an oversize amount to the dimension I designate from the model.  Right now I take Weldment cut (which are exact dimensions) and export it to excel template.  Then tinker with it there and copy and paste it back on my solidworks drawing.  Obvisouly adding time and introducing human error.  I have done some research and made phone calls with no real solustions.  Thought I would try is possible?  Thoughts?