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    external references ( paths )

    Eduardo Pérez

      I have a stored assembly in the PDM and its parts are stored on the local disk , I have kept the pieces in the PDM and I manually replaced references [ paths ] I have saved and registered the assembly , but to reopen the assembly me opens with parts stored on local disk .

      How I can change the references ( paths ) if parts are stored with the same name in the PDM and the local disk ?
      !** For administrative matters I can not change any file names


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          Jamil Snead

          To open an assembly from PDM you have to "check out" (or download a local copy of) the assembly and all of the parts within it. You will have to retrieve local copies of the parts from the vault if you want to open the assembly with those versions. So you will either have to delete your current local copies or move them into a different folder so you can get the vault versions.