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Report tool errors

Question asked by Thys Coetzee on Aug 20, 2015

Found another string that chokes the Reporting Tool.


The letters "drop" cause the report tool to fail.

Consider the following snippet


CC.Type as [TypeNo],



  When '7' THEN 'Combo box with a list that is always visible'

  When '8' THEN 'Combo box with a dro-p-down list and an edit box'

  When '9' THEN 'Combo box with a dro-p-down list'


ELSE '?'

END AS [Type],


If the letters "drop" are contiguous anywhere, the query fails.   Stand-alone or PebblesdropBammBamm, the query fails.  By adding the hyphen as shown, the query succeeds.


This is not good.