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    Report tool errors

    Thys Coetzee

      Found another string that chokes the Reporting Tool.


      The letters "drop" cause the report tool to fail.

      Consider the following snippet


      CC.Type as [TypeNo],

      CASE CC.Type


        When '7' THEN 'Combo box with a list that is always visible'

        When '8' THEN 'Combo box with a dro-p-down list and an edit box'

        When '9' THEN 'Combo box with a dro-p-down list'


      ELSE '?'

      END AS [Type],


      If the letters "drop" are contiguous anywhere, the query fails.   Stand-alone or PebblesdropBammBamm, the query fails.  By adding the hyphen as shown, the query succeeds.


      This is not good.