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Self reversing screw shaft and how to make a smooth 3D path

Question asked by Simone Stampatori on Aug 19, 2015

Hello everyone. After watching this nice video on this link, I tried to redo myself the self reversing screw shaft (you can view it in detail after about 7:0 minute).

I found it very hard to realize and actually I stil didn't get how it's been made. I mean, I was able to create some sort of closed double helix and convert the path intoa 3D sketch in order to use for the path mate but I was also disappointed in finding that the assemby I set up didn't work very well.

I tried to examine the features to understand how the author worked but while I could figure it out in general, some steps arent' quite clear. In particular, I cannot understand how the 3D sketch for the path mate has benn obtained, resulting in a unique smoothe enclosed loop.

Did anybody know this o how to do it?

Thank you very much.