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Hole Wizard on CSWP Exam?

Question asked by robert dattilo on Aug 20, 2015
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          I got a voucher for the CSWP exam going to a user group & took a shot at segment #one. I got a 70 needing a 85, so I'll have to re-take it with

one of our subscriptions, but there was one thing I ran into that didn't seem to help a whole lot. They asked for a hole wizard option that wasn't

avaibable. Because it's a timed test etc., this wasn't good. I don't believe It hurt me that much. I ended up choosing a counter bored option

of the thread call-out when they wanted a counter-sunk, like for a flat head etc. Again minor, but kind of caught me off guard. 

     How does this work? I haven't really messed with the hole wizard. Why are some settings there, & some not? Has anyone run into anything like

this on the test?


     Thanks in advance for any input;

      Rob_D SW 2014_Sp4