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    Power Trim missing again!

    Stephen King



      Power trim is missing again!!

      I only have "Trim Entities and Extend Entities"

      Has this happened to anyone else??




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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Stephen,


          Power Trim is an option within the Trim Entities command. It has never been available in the flyout toolbar that you are showing in your image. Simply pick Trim Entities and then in the PropertyManager that comes up, Power Trim is the first button at the top of the PropertyManager in the list of options of different trim types (it is the option that is selected by default and should be unless you chose a different type the last time you used the command).


          I hope this helps,


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            Mark Barltrop

            I'm familiar with the dreaded self-cancelling "Auto-Show PropertyManager" but there's now another scenario, possible from the latest service pack of 2016, and I'm currently stuck in it:


            A 'helpful', unsolicited message came up when I invoked Trim (using my keyboard shortcut) to the effect "do you want to use the default method" (don't recall the exact wording) and there was a checkbox for "don't ask me again"

            I checked the box because

            a) I was confident it would appear on the list of cancelled dialogs so I could get it back

            b) I only ever use the first power trim option (drag across entities you wish to trim) and I assumed this would be the "default"


            But what that option turns out to REALLY mean is that you lose access to power trim altogether, you revert to the original scissors icon and have to click on each entity.  And no, it does NOT appear on the list of dismissed messages.

            So users, think carefully before accepting that option .... and Solidworks, please fix it quick.



            ON EDIT: I seem to recall the words "Trim Command Options" appeared somewhere in the cancelled dialog. A Google search on that string does not yield any other sufferers, which led me to conclude this might be a brand new behaviour.


            FURTHER EDIT:

            Since cancelling the dialog, now when I invoke Trim, even when I switch manually from the FM over to the PropertyManager, the pane is blank.

            No Power Trim options are presented.

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                Mark Barltrop

                OK I have an answer already, thanks VERY much Logan Pegler, from the local VAR (Intercad) who wrote:


                << what you experienced is related to the 'Single command per pick' option under Tools > options > System Options > General


                It is documented in the SolidWorks knowledge base and the article was created in 2006 so certainly not new.


                I confirmed that if I tick this box, the dialog you saw appears, if I click "Do not show again" I don't get the option to untick this from the messages/warnings section...


                I can get the default functionality back by simply unticking the command as mentioned above.


                Interestingly the "Don't show again" dialog comes back (even) if you have the Single Command Per Pick option selected and you restart SolidWorks




                There is an SPR for this dialog which states:
                'Don't Ask Me Again' option only works for the current session when the 'Single command per pick' setting is selected using the Trim command


                I will raise a service request with SolidWorks and add you to this as I believe that the ‘do not show again’ dialogs should all be grouped in the messages/warnings not some other convoluted way as this one does.


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                    Mark Barltrop

                    In another message, Logan insightfully pointed out that perhaps one reason this has stayed below the radar is that with the proliferation of interface customisation options, individual options become swamped out. Most users probably will not have tried the 'Single command per pick' option. I was trying it because I like to revisit basic operational settings every few years, because the interface evolves, and what used to be an optimal setting may no longer be. I had already turned it off before firing off an email about the 'other' problem (as I thought) but had not had another crack at using Power Trim.