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How to link reference points to a picture

Question asked by Matthew Hiser on Aug 19, 2015

Hi. I made a part modeled off of a picture I inserted using sketch picture. The lines used to make the part were not made using the trace function, just approximated to the best of my ability. After creating this part, I found out I wanted to scale it up so that the part was a certain width and length but with the sketch not linked to the picture, when the picture scales, the boss extrude lines stay in place and I would have to essentially have to re do the part all over again. What I want to know, is if there is a way to have points linked directly to a certain portion of a picture such that if the picture stretches or widens, the points stay in reference to that same spot on the picture but move with it. I figure if I can do that, I can create those points, link them to my picture, drive my boss extrude off of those points, and then resize my picture thus changing everything along with it. Like I said, I'm not sure this is even possible, thought I would implore the great and almighty SW Forum for guidance.