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Export sketch data in assembly to STEP

Question asked by Victor Anatjen on Aug 19, 2015



I am still a little bit new to the SOLIDWORKS process only having used it for a few weeks now. I have sort of dilemma that I can't seem to figure out the answer to... Let me try to explain it clearly:


1 I have a Solidworks assembly file that contains a few different components for an electronics related product. These are more or less the housing, some hardware and a power supply.

2 I need to provide the manufacturer with a STEP file that just contains the housing


But, there are a few open questions regarding manufacturing related to the exact type of hardware used, etc, so I have added a few additional sketch only layers to the assembly to indicate where certain holes need to go. These sketch layers are at the very end of the model history, as their placement is dependent and partly driven by some of the hardware in the assembly (i.e. the power supply) that is going to a different manufacturer.


Now when I export the entire thing as an STEP file, the sketch layers that only worked on the assembly level don't show up. I have tried wireframe option, checking off the 'export sketch geometry' and various other combinatorial 'option permutations' but none seem to work and I gather that is primarily because the sketch geometry isn't on a part in the assembly.


So now I am not sure where to go. I can't seem to move the sketch geometry into a part (in this case the housing) because it is dependent on the other parts in the assembly. And I can't send the manufacturer the entire assembly because he doesn't use solidworks and just needs a STEP file...


Any ideas?

Not sure how to proceed...



- V