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SW in Compatibility Mode for Win7 on a Win7 system - can slow down loading

Question asked by Rick McDonald on Aug 19, 2015

This is for information so other people don't mess up the way I did.


I was having several problems and crashes with my SW2015 sp1.1

In my attempts to fix these I tried setting my SLDWORKS.exe and sldworks_fs.exe files to run as Administrator and in Compatibility mode to see if these would help.

My system is running Windows 7 and I also set the compatibility mode for Windows 7 as well (shouldn't do anything - but I decided to try it).


I didn't see any changes and tried several other fixes and forgot to return these to regular modes.

Among the problems I was having was very slow loading of Solidworks.exe (near a minute just to load the application) and sldworks_fs.exe seemed to have no effect if it was loaded or not.

I have also done many other things (repair SW, Uninstall and reload completely, clean the registry...) before and after setting the compatibility mode.

Then last night i realized I was still in these modes and turned them off.

Then I restarted and now I get 7 second Solidworks.exe loading.


Don't know it I still have some of the other problems but at least I got back my load speed.