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Linear Pattern Causes Assembly to Become "Under Defined"

Question asked by Casey Bennett on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by Angela Crawford

I have searched this one and not really found a fix to this. I have an assembly called ASSY1.  I insert part P1 and constrain it to ASSY1's coordinate system.  At this point, ASSY1 is fully defined.  I then insert P2 and constrain it to P1 using 3 orthogonal faces on each part.  At this point, ASSY1 is fully defined.


I then Linear Component Pattern P2 in 2 directions with one skipped instance.  At this point, ASSY1 goes "Under Defined".  There are no ( - ) symbols in the Assembly Navigator and I have tried rebuilding.


Any thoughts?  I am using SW2015.  Thank you.