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HELP! Files are read only after check out

Question asked by Danny Bradford on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2020 by Nivu Thakur

Greetings all,


To start off, I have already read a dozen other posts that all pertain to the System options like these posts:


Help! Why Do My Files Open ‘Read-Only’? | SolidWorks


opening up word document read-only


Here are our settings:


None of which are my solution. Symptoms we are seeing which provide clues:


  • Users have experienced this issue with files that have no addin. They simply check out within the explorer and then open the file only to have it read only.
  • All users working in this specific vault are experiencing this issue.
  • This issue is happening within the Solidworks Addin as well.
  • We have 2 Vaults, one that was imported from ePDM 2012 and the other was built from scratch within ePDM 2015 SP01. The new 2015 vault is the problem child. The imported vault has no problems.


I have verified that my user settings are the same on both vaults:



FYI I have gone a few rounds with these settings trying to resolve this issue. The "Enable the get version command..." option is one example. I have turned this on and off with no help.


I have also done the following to try to fix the situation:


  • Updated the graphics driver (did i mention we are desperate?)
  • Turned off all Dispatch functions that participate in the check out or check in process


I have involved my VAR extensively and they have escalated this to Solidworks. I am reaching out to my fellow Solidworks Admins in the hopes that there is some knowledge out there that can help.


Your time is greatly appreciated.


Danny Bradford