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    Data Migration

    Praveen Ashwath

      Hi there,


      Is there any means to migrate the data with all the history from Adept PDM to SolidWorks EPDM..


      Scenario is: I have the legacy data in adept PDM. But I want to use EPDM now. there wouldnt be new projects. I have the legacy projects in ADEPT which has to be brought into EPDM environment, the data should contain all the attributes...!?

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Praveen, I've never used Adept. What files are you trying to migrate in EPDM? Just Solidworks files, autocad, PDFs, office files etc?


          Data migration of any sort is always tricky, as you need to have the destination environment set up correctly. Ie in EPDM you'll the correct users, groups, permissions, folder structure, data cards etc set up.


          Also, bringing metadata over can be a challenge. Is there metadata in the files stored as properties or attributes? or is it stored in a database or spreadsheet?


          If you do need any help or advice, my company does consult on data migration services amongst others.


          Kind regards,



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            Lee CS Young

            It's possible - I've performed an Adept migration. Contact me if you'd like to discuss it.